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Creating a WordPress blog or website using your smartphone part 2 -creating your first blog post-

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A few weeks ago, I started sharing my knowledge with you guys about website creation using your smartphone. I started off with the part one of the tutorial,

How To Create A WordPress Blog Or Website Using Your Smartphone Part 1 (Installing WordPress).

Now, after thinking about the possibility of most of you that partook in the first tutorial might be confused with finding their way about their admin dashboard. so I’m going to be showing you how you can create your first blog post!.

To Learn How to create your first blog post, simply follow my steps below, winks**


How To Create Your First Blog Post:

1. First Log in to your Admin Dashboard, Using

input your wordpress admin username and password and click on the login button


2. You click on the options button on the left side of the dashboard page.

after login in, this is what your admin dashboard looks like

click on the options button on the left side of the dashboard page


3. Now, click on POSTS ====>> ADD NEW, You’ll be redirected to a page, where you’ll be shown a text editor.

you click on posts

then you click on “add new”


4. You’ll see two boxes. One is for post Tittle e. g “Quinn Royalty”

first box is for post tittle

While the second box is where you write the contents of the post, according to the post tittle

the second box is for post contents, images, embedding videos, etc

After writing your contents, You can add pictures by clicking on the “Add Media” button, just above the second box and then click on “insert into post” at the foot of the page.

further click on the “insert media” drop down menu on the left side of the page shows you how to insert other things than just pictures!

this shows the image, has been inserted into the post contents. clicking on the image shows many more features like aligning, resizing and lots more! 😊😊


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5. You can group your posts into either Categories or Tags, or even both! all depends on what you like 😉. Just click on the add new category or add new tag buttons to add them respectively.

Categories allow you to arrange your posts by subjects to make your content easier to find. so also do tags.

6. After doing all those, scroll down to add a Featured Image. You can choose from your previously uploaded image or or Add New.

Featured image or a post thumbnail is a representative image that comes next to your post.

It is essential that you use a proper featured image with your posts.

It would not only attract readers, but would also add to the aesthetic appeal of your website.

7. When You’re all done, scroll up and click on the “Publish” Button

you can also save a draft of the post or even preview the post before hitting the PUBLISH button!


8. Now that you’ve published your posts, go to your website url and check it out or click on the “view post” link that’s popped up above n the post editor.

check out your post by clicking on the “view post” link


When the page loads, you will see what your post looks like to your readers. you can always go back and re edit your post as well as you like.

this is the created post, with my my picture as the featured image


this is the post contents, showing the picture I inserted into the post.


these are the categories and the tags I added to the post.


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For more guides on this tutorial, you can also watch the video version of the tutorial for more clarification! it’s already embedded at the top of the post or watch below 👇



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