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Is It Really Good To Tweak Your Smartphone’s Imei Number?!

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A Lot of People are Guilty of tweaking their IMEI NUMBER, At times to get a few basic things done and adjusted.


IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. it’s a 15 digit unique identification number used in all mobile phones, USB modems and MiFis. In fact, all network dependent devices has a unique IMEI number. In other words, an IMEI number is allocated to each wireless radio in a device, that’s why you see two IMEI numbers on a dual SIM mobile phone. The number identifies each device and can be used to trace it.

The IMEI number is very useful and important to a network dependent device that it can be used to trace the device and it’s owner. But is there any any advantage or benefits you get when you change your phone imei? Is it good to tweak your phone imei? Find Out Below..


The IMEI number of a phone or any device is usually located inside the back cover. Alternatively, you can see your phone IMEI number by simply dialing *#06# and the number will be displayed on the screen.


Yes there are benefits you get when you change your phone imei numbers but it is not legally good to change it.

One of the possible benefits of changing your smartphone imei is it allows you enjoy some of the promotional bonuses attached to most new smartphones.

There are no real benefits to changing IMEI number of your phone. It does not provide you more privacy, for example. There are technologies that can identify you even if you alter your phone’s IMEI number.

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In other words, Tweaking your  Smartphone imei is illegal in some countries because it is a unique identifier. As such by default, you shouldn’t be wanting to change it if you are not involved in illegal activities.

So changing your smartphone Imei Number is left to you to gamble on.

but I’d advise you not to

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