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Seven Super Methods to Fix ‘No Internet Connection’ on Your Google Play Store

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I Know That,

You are actually reading this post maybe because you are having problem with connecting to google play or you have encountered this error message “No internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi or cellular data is turned on then try again”. Be it as it may, there is always a solution to every phone or PC problem.

I will show you seven super Methods to fix this Playstore no internet connection error pop up message which can be very annoying each time it happens. Apps like Google plays and WhatsApp messenger sometimes misbehaves and won’t even detect your internet connection except you are connected to a Wi-Fi which can be so annoying. So follow me along as I unveil the solutions below.


1. Enable Background Data:

The most neglected cause of this problem is background data restriction, while restriction of background data is necessary when you want to save or conserve data, it can negatively affect apps like playstore so you need to enable background data if you turned it on. To do this, go to settings > More options > Networks > Data Usage > Disable restrictions. After that, launch your playstore again and see if it’s fixed.

2. Clear Google Play store Cache: In Android Operating System, cache memory of Google Play Store items are saved so that it can quickly serve content to users and to save bandwidth at same time. However, sometimes, it causes issue and could be the reason for the connection error. Hence it is wise to clear the cache and restart your playstore.

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To do this. Go to settings > apps > Scroll down to Google Play store> Clear data cache and OK

3. Change or Re-Login Your Google Account: Sometimes you change the security settings or password of your Google account, when this happens, you need to update the account settings on your Android device. Also, you can switch to other account.
✔️ To do this, Go to Settings > Accounts > Google
✔️ Tap your primary Google account
✔️ Open options from right top corner, click remove account.
✔️ Now open Play Store, it will ask you to login your Google account again.

4. Reverse Updates: Google playstore automatically makes changes to your device without your permission. In a case where the changes are negative, it is wise you uninstall changes and revert back to the previous version to fix the connection issue.

Go to settings>Apps>Scroll down to apps>Google Playstore… Uninstall updates and you are good to go.

5. Disconnect VPN App: VPNs are getting popular by the day because of their immense usefulness hence almost every tech savvy and geeks now have one or two VPN apps installed but it can cause connectivity issues with play store. So I will advise you to disconnect them totally.

For Rooted Phones Only. Assuming your Android device is rooted, do the following.
✔️ Open File Manager App.
✔️ Browse to root/system/etc.
✔️ Delete hosts.txt file

6. Check Date & Time Setting: If your smartphone time is incorrect, it may affect some apps internet access. We have noticed that on WhatsApp and play store. So you need to reset your time correctly.

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Go to settings>Date & time> Set it to automatic and you are good to go.

7. Factory Reset Your Phone: In a rare scenario you have tried all the options above and non worked, then you should perform a factory reset on the phone to force a fix to it. It is the last option which should definitely work and bring back everything in normal condition so that you can continue installing and updating apps from the app store.

Go to Settings>Backup and reset>click factory data reset.


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